Breanna Tamburro
This reel is a compilation of my class assignments from 2019-2020 that feature my hand-drawn animations, 24/fps using Toon Boom Harmony. 
A majority of work was from my sophomore year in college, so I am excited to update it soon!
                                           2023 ReAnimation Project
Here is a comparison of the scene I animated vs the original scene from the show, Adventure Time. This was hand-animated 24/fps in Toon Boom Harmony.
Student Film Clips (2021 - 2022)
Up The Apple Tree
Check out the last 3 ending scenes from my third year film, Up the Apple Tree, that I animated straight ahead in a little over a week using Toon Boom Harmony. 
This was my first rough pass that I colored and the backgrounds were drawn and painted in Procreate with some compositing done in After Effects.
Knuckle Sandwich
Check out the ending of my student film, Knuckle Sandwich, which is about an unlikely friendship that forms between a tired girl and a giant pigeon. 
The animation (rough, tie-down, color) was completed in around a month's time using Toon Boom Harmony. Backgrounds were created using Procreate and compositing was done in After Effects.